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the Bisphosphonates



The BISPHOSPHONATE are newer tools in the Equine Veterinary Tool Chest.  These drugs are moderately long-acting orthopedic medications which alter bone metabolism and how bone responds to injury and pressure.  


Bones are always in a state of remodeling, balancing between reabsorption and new construction by cells called Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts. 


Bone resorption (osteoclast activity) is often increased in response to injury which can be painful and in some circumstances, it can decrease bone strength.


The bisphosponates work by inactivating Osteoclasts which slows or stops bone resorption and the associated pain.  The goal with their use is to moderate damage and promote healing.  

Each bisphosphonate has its own set of unique properties, including potency, duration of effect, route of administration, and more technical elements from acidity level to bound nitrogen complexes, which are considered when optimizing a treatment protocol.


The Bisphosponates can be used alone, or in concert with other treatment plans including joint lubricants, anti-inflammatories, regenerative and other complementary therapies as part of a holistic plan you create with Dr. Sean G. Archibald for an optimal recovery.



We have considerable experience using the Bisphosphonates, which include Dr. Archibald's time in Europe even prior to these products becoming available in Canada, and like with most things in life, achieving optimal results is dependant upon many factors.  The Devil, as they say, is in the details. 


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