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Irish Spring

Dentistry Days

the IRISH Spring Dentistry Days with Dr. Sean G. Archibald


craftsmanship & great conversation

Spring (ish) Dentistry with Dr. Sean Archibald. It's Irish. Yes, it's a thing. Like Christmas for your horse, but with Leprechauns, and to only until early April. Treat your horse by engaging in an attentive dentistry & the care, craftsmanship, and expertise of Dr. Sean G. Archibald and his wonderful tools.


Inquire about multi-horse 'barn destination days' where we travel to far off locations. Many persons find cornering Dr. Archibald while he attends to their horses' teeth the perfect opportunity to ask him other medical and soundness related questions; from joint health to vaccination.


Dr. Archibald is very thorough which also allows quality time for conversations and questions.

Or just come for the coffee and chat about the new Archibald Gait & Soundness Assessment Center and to catch up with what's new!


We pack propane heaters which turn unheated barns into sociable working environments.


Give your horse the gift of comfort and well being for this riding season. It's an opportunity. Dentistry as regular maintenance is important to the communication, posture, and health of every horse.


This event runs until, well, we'll see. To the end of March anyway, while time allows...

Gift cards are now available may be a perfect idea for the horse enthusiast that you care for.

See you soon & our Best & Warmest until then.

We can't say too much more online. 

Really, it's a thing.


It's THAT good.

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